Orchids without Leaves

Some orchids have no leaves at all.  They depend entirely on fungi to grow.

Below are two such orchids.  The first is a Hyacinth Orchid, of which there are a few.  One is very common, flowering throughout the Adelaide Hills during the summer months.  There is a rarer Hyacinth Orchid, a spotted Hyacinth Orchid, which similar in appearance but a different species.  The common Hyacinth Orchid is the one shown below.

The Hyacinth Orchid is so named because of its resemblance to the hyacinth flowers.  Both the common and the spotted varieties of the Hyacinth Orchid flower at Christmas time.

Then there is the Cinnamon Bells, or the Potato Orchid.  It is rare like the spotted Hyacinth Orchid.  Cinnamon Bells is a very appropriate name with its cinnamon coloured bell like flowers as well as its scent.

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