Fascinating Plants

“Lilies that smell like chocolate and orchids that bloom underground are some of Adelaide’s most fascinating plants…” so begins the newspaper report (Advertiser,18th May 2012, page 4).  A catchy sentence and it did catch my attention – particularly the ‘orchids that bloom underground’.

There are orchids that bloom underground and they are unique to Australia.  So far they have definitely been found in Western Australia and New South Wales.  Based upon the interstate information, it doesn’t appear likely that there would have been underground orchid on the Adelaide Plains but there are many other places in South Australia with similar habitat to the interstate species.  This then begs the question – did they or do they occur in South Australia?

Now for a further question, has anyone seen or have knowledge of an underground orchid sighting in South Australia?  If you do have any information, contact the Native Orchid Society of South Australia (NOSSA)

Now back to that catchy sentence.  There are many fascinating orchids that were on the Adelaide Plains and perhaps the opening sentence could have read Lilies that smell like chocolate and orchids that have beards


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