Up now…

Just a couple of pictures of leaves that are up at the moment.

Pterostylis pedunculata

Arachnorchis tentaculata
King spider orchid

Nemacianthus caudatus
Mayfly Orchid

Pyrorchis nigricans
Black Fire Orchid

Pyrorchis nigricans
Black Fire Orchid
Picture shows the stripes on the underside of the leaf

Microtis sp.
Onion orchid
The flower of these plants grows inside the tubular leaf, and breaks out of it for flowering

This miniature orchid has finished flowering.

Corunastylis sp. Adelaide Hills
Common Midge Orchid

Hey, you aren’t an orchid…
Behind are some Pterostylis pedunculata leaves (the dark green).

3 thoughts on “Up now…

  1. Alison Jobling

    Thanks for the like on our blog, Helen. And it was interesting to find a blog about native orchids, as one of Andy’s postgrads finished her PhD earlier this year, and she was working on Pyrochis nigricans, which I see above. 🙂 Keep up the good, orchid-promoting, work!

    1. Helen Post author

      I would be interested in hearing more about the PhD. What aspects of the Pyrochis nigricans did she research?

    2. Alison Jobling

      Hi Helen,

      I’m not precisely sure at the moment, but it was probably the response of the Pyrochis to climate change. I believe she found that they’re flowering earlier and earlier because the local micro-climate is changing, although I’m not sure what else she found – there may have been changes in other physical aspects of the plants.

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