Know Them

Know Them introduces you to a South Australia orchid every couple of weeks.  So far two posts have been published which are listed below.


Acianthus pusillus – Mosquito Orchid

The little hardy one
This is the orchid that is so common, that many orchid enthusiast will overlook it when on an orchid excursion.  It is small, difficult to photograph, and as it is very close to the ground, many…

Leporella fimbriata – Fringed Hare Orchid

Sand lover
This common orchid is found in sandy soils flowering mainly from March to May.  However it can grow in gravelly soils, but requires fire to encourage flowering, where as colonies will flower readily…


Yet to come are the orchids pictured below, and more.  Please subscribe to receive updates when an new orchid is posted.



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