Common in winter

Cyrtostylis robusta – Winter Gnat Orchid or Robust Gnat Orchid

This species is very similar to its sister Cyrtostylis reniformis.  The main difference is the flowering time with C. robusta flowering in winter and C. reniformis flowering in spring.  C. robusta tends to have smooth green leaves while C. reniformis has strongly veined aqua green leaves.  C. robusta has a larger flower that the other species.

Here is a small clip of some Cyrtostylis robusta.  There is a little fly on the labellum of the central flower.  However it is not a pollinator as the fly can not reach the pollen.  Just because an insect is on the flower does not automatically mean it is the pollinator.  The pollinator of these flowers is long-legged fungus gnats from the diptera family.

This species has a widespread distribution from Western Australia, through most of South Australia and into Victoria and Tasmania.  It grows in a variety of habitats, but prefers a sheltered area.  It can grow in exposed areas, but these plants do not tend to flower.  It is a reasonably common orchid.

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