Corysanthes diemenica – Veined Helmet Orchid

Upon first inspection, it looks like some moss where some gum-nuts have fallen.  However, it turns out that the gum-nuts are these little helmet orchids.  These orchids tend to grow in moist areas, and will often be found near the base of large trees.

It is interesting to note the name of this species, “diemenica” was derived from Van Diemen’s Land, Tasmania’s old name from its early colonial days.  This was where this species was first discovered.  Australia has over 20 species from the Corysanthes family, with the rest being found in surrounding countries including New Zealand, New Guinea and up into South East Asia.

Note the small point on the apex of the leaf

This species flowers between July and August.  Its flowers are small, about the size of you  thumb fingernail.  They tend to colonize, and not just one species will be found in one patch.

An interesting feature on these orchids is a small point on the apex of the leaf.  This feature has not been recorded in the plants descriptions, but it was present in all our photographs.

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