Very recently, I had the opportunity to see and photograph an orchid, which, up until now, I had never seen before in the wild, only in photographs.

It is the Jonesiopsis or Wispy Spider Orchids or Daddy-longlegs.  From the pictures of it, I though it looked very much like the Arachnorchis genus (spider orchid).  However a friend, who had seen these orchids, informed me that they are two very different genus.

Because of a slight camera shortage (mmm), I had to use the long distance camera and could not capture some of the detail of these plants, but it didn’t stop me from taking over 270 pictures.  They were magnificent, gorgeous, and breath-taking.  Actually they were also a bit different from what I expected.

The flowers were surprisingly smaller than the pictures suggested.  Most of the plants would have only been half a foot tall to a foot.  However, the bristles on the sepals and petals were such a dark maroon colour, compared with the cream and green of the labellum and base of the petals.

The picture below shows more contrast of colours on the plant.

My only trial from the day were the mosquitoes.  There were so, so many.  Every time I stopped to take a photograph, they would gather around me.  They were quite large, but fortunately, I did not suffer too many attacks.  However, one was very kind and flew into my picture just I was taking it!

I have compiled a little video of some of the plants I saw on the day.  At one point you will hear a loud buzz, which is a mosquitoe attacking my hands.

I did see some other orchids, one including the Pheladenia deformis which I mentioned in my last post.  So now I’ve photographed several of these plants. 🙂

There were also these very tiny shell orchid, which I cannot work out how to identify beyond Hymenochilus sp.

I am really pleased how this last picture turned out.


4 thoughts on “Excitement…

  1. Madoqua

    Wow, I loved the Wispy Spider Orchids. Paint them deep crimson and you would have something so close to the ‘almost extinct’ Crimson Spider Orchid – Caladenia concolor!

    1. Helen Post author

      These orchids were pretty amazing to see. The crimson spider orchid sounds quite impressive, and I will look it up soon.

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