Returning… (Part 2)

It is quite exciting to see that now OrchidNotes has 50 subscribers, and it is just over five months such we started this site up!  I always look forward to comments and feedback on our site, so keep them coming. 🙂  And for those who are interested in being showed some orchids, there is a free walk on the 27th October, see here for details.

For this post I will be continuing with some of the discoveries found at this roadside site, and see here for Part 1 and Previous visit.

The Arachnorchis tentaculata or King Spider Orchids were just beginning to open, but most were still in bud.  In June there were just leaves:

But in September, I saw two flowers open:

Waiting to open

Hiding in the wattle leaves

The video shows how the wind can play havoc with photography, but it seemed to work with the video.  The spider orchids now are flowering plenteously and a field of them can be quite spectacular to come across, but difficult to see in a photograph!

Part 3 will be coming soon!

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