A Day At The Office . . .

This might be off topic, but I think it is still related to orchids, in a way.  I was going to do something on underground orchids but I have to leave that for a later post.  And I am planning to do some posts on the habitat of orchids and the ecosystems that they are found in.  But this will have to suffice for now.

Earlier this week, Trees For Life had little visitors in the office, some furry ones, a feathered one and some reptilian ones, namely a goanna, a couple of carpet pythons (they are called snakes) and two geckos.  These creatures disrupted the office routine but that was fine by the staff.  We had an impromptu photo shoot.

The animals belonged to an organization called Animals Anonymous. By raising awareness of native animals, Animals Anonymous hope to promote native plants, the idea being that people will be encouraged to grow native plants to attract the wildlife.  The animals need the right habitat to survive.  Sadly, most people do not realize that flora and fauna go together.  That is one of the main reason for writing this post. Orchids are part of the ecosystems and are often among the first to disappear along with the wildlife when weeds and pests invade the bush.  One of Trees For Life’s major schemes is the Bush For Life programme which focuses on restoring native vegetation for both the wildlife and flora such as the orchids.  Some Australian terrestrial orchids have defied all attempts to cultivate them while others remain very difficult.  Incidentally, some of the Trees For Life staff were out of the office the day the animals visited as they were out in the field, working on some bushsites with volunteers.  If I remember correctly, it was a BAT day (BAT stands for Bush Action Team).  By the way, the native bats are another lot of interesting creatures here.

Besides, it was fun handling the animals!  I hadn’t seen a goanna before.  We really enjoyed ourselves.  I hope you like the photographs.

Gecko One

One active little gecko

Carpet Python One

A new use for the logo, snake wise

Gracie the Goanna at TFL

Something interesting down there, or is it the camera?

Twany Frogmouth

Something interesting up there?

Carpet Python Two

More snake wisdom

Gecko Two

One active little gecko, and one sleepy little gecko

Both Animals Anonymous and Trees For Life posted a couple of their photos on their Facebook pages.  I thought I might provide a couple of links to their pages for those of you who are interested in seeing more photos.

Both Trees For Life and Animals Anonymous are South Australian organizations.  Trees For Life has counterparts in the other Australian states, which are called Men Of The Trees, which used to be Trees For Life’s old name.  But I think Trees For Life is a nicer sounding name.

Afterthought: For those of you interested in photography, I used the camera on my phone, a 5 MP camera.  The phone is a Samsung Galaxy Ace.

3 thoughts on “A Day At The Office . . .

  1. earthstills

    Interesting to see these normally shy creatures up close, perhaps a little closer than I would be comfortable with… What if the snake gets my mouse?! I support you in your concern about the habitat of these animals.

    1. Louise Post author

      Did you get to have a look at the links near the bottom of the post? There are more photos (not mine) of the animals. But, yes, it is a privilege to be able to handle them. And it was good to meet the little inhabitants of the habit we are trying to restore.

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