Getting out the pencil and paper

Drawing is something that I have enjoyed, but usually my patience does not permit me to complete a large picture.  However, since life has had a little quite spell, and usually Christmas is not particularly busy yet, I decided to try some drawing.  I am self taught, and prefer pencil artwork, as it is a chance to bring out all the tones, but I don’t feel that I’m always successful.

Prasophyllum elatum

My picture is of a Prasophyllum elatum, the tall leak orchid.  I’m not totally happy with how the frilly part of the labellum turned out, but overall I like the feel of the picture.  This species is unusual because the labellum is bend upwards, rather than facing down as in most orchids.  What I have illustrated would be about a couple of centimetres high, or approximately an inch.  The flower stem will have a cluster of these flowers, and after fire, the stem is black, instead of green.


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