Swamp Orchid

Moose Orchid

So here I am doing it again, attempting to draw, and probably not doing justice to the flower.  The top of the flower is yellow, and then it reaches red towards the end of the flower.  I’ve tried to capture some of the veins in the flower as well as the overall feel of the flower.  Let me know what you think of it.

This is one of the more unusual orchids, and is known as the moose orchid.  In South Australia it is found only in swamps whereas in the eastern states it can be found outside of swamps in moist areas.  It is one of the few South Australian orchids with evergreen leaves.


8 thoughts on “Swamp Orchid

  1. anneb54

    Helen, I think you have achieved what you wanted to. I don’t know the orchid at all, but I can see it from your drawing. Great tonal work. Have you ever used coloured pencils?

    1. Helen Post author

      I was trying a new technique in this drawing, and I feel it has worked. As of yet, I have not really tried using coloured pencils, but probably will try it later on.

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