Orchid hunting

When I go looking for orchids, it is not just the flowers I remember.  I remember the feel of the place, and other little discoveries that were made on the trip

Some of the places that I visit are beautiful, and they just make you want to stop and have a good look at them.  There are a few places that I visit that are off the well trodden track, and these tracks leave the evidence on the car.

Sometimes it is not always possible to find the orchids, but usually there are some other surprises that turn up.  Quite often, the birds will be active.

6 thoughts on “Orchid hunting

    1. Helen Post author

      In Australia we have orchids flowering every month of the year though February would be the hardest month to find flowers.

    1. Helen Post author

      At the time I kept taking lots of pictures while walking towards it. It is one of the few times a bird has allowed me to photograph it up close.

    1. Helen Post author

      Actually most of the time, these orchids are found under trees and very rarely in an open area. Sometimes they are surrounded my other plants which makes it hard photographing them.

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