New Orchid Video

So for something a bit different, I have a video for you to watch.  I’m hoping to do more like this, so let me know what you think and what you would want me to do in the future.

The longest part in making the video was learning to use the software, as I had not used that particular software before.

6 thoughts on “New Orchid Video

  1. Ian Lunt

    Lovely video Helen, I love the natural background sounds. How did you manage to get such a clear sound? Did you use special equipment? Cheers Ian

    1. Helen Post author

      Thank you for the comment, Ian. For the audio I used a Zoom H2, and left it recording in the bush. I did have to adjust the bird audio, as they were quite soft on the recording. Overall I was pleased how that turned out. Then I recorded the narrative at home using the same microphone, in a quiet room. I’m looking forward to getting a new camera to improve the video quality, but will probably continue using the same microphone.


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