Between the rain

Yesterday morning, I took the opportunity to go orchid hunting, as it will be raining for the next few days.  Fortunately while I was out there, the weather was rather forgiving, but there was a very light shower.  The birds seemed to be enjoying themselves, but were too fast for me to capture.


I really love it how these Linguella nana’s (syn. Pterostylis nana) are having a conversation.  They were the first flowers I found of this species, after having seen plenty of leaves and buds.

Linguella nana

I always find it interesting the height difference of Urochilus sanguineus (syn Pterostylis sanguinea).  I am fascinated by the height difference that can be found at one site, though the actual flower size is the same.  These look amazing with the sun coming through the flowers, but this time the sun was hiding.

Urochilus sanguineus


I also saw the Bunochilus viriosus (syn P. viriosa), which is often found growing along side the Urochilus sanguineus.

Bunochilus viriosous

6 thoughts on “Between the rain

  1. ramblingsbyothello

    I love the last picture… where there are four buds which look like a stem growing birds! I love that idea. Years ago, when my oldest son was just a toddler, I bought a box of birdseed for a neighbor who was will and couldn’t get to the store. When took it out of the grocery sack, my son said, “What’s that?” I replied, “Birdseed.” His face lit up with wide-eyed wonder and enthusiasm, and he asked, “Are we going to plant ’em and grow some birds?”

    1. Helen Post author

      That is quite funny! Children can take things too literally. He probably wouldn’t have had much difficulty in imaging what a duck orchid would look like!!

      I hasn’t thought of the last orchid picture looking like a bird, but I can see the birds since you mentioned it.

  2. sueob

    Helen, where are finding all of these wonders. I have searched in the high country of Victoria where I live, alas zilche…..very disappointing indeed.


    1. Helen Post author

      Most of the orchids I find and photograph are in the Adelaide Hills. I’m surprised you have not found any where you are. The leaves for the spring flowers should be up now. Maybe you should check out Atlas of Living Australia.

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