Reflection and moving forward

OrchidNotes has been a fun outlet to share my joy of orchids.  However I have been super busy, and have some very important commitments (outside of orchids) that I need to give more time to.  As a results I may not be posting for a while here.  Hopefully it is not too long, and maybe in the future it won’t necessarily be once a week, we’ll see.

Recently I did have the opportunity to see those stunning duck orchids (Caleana major), and so I thought I’d share with you a few pictures.  Even though it was early November, some of the flowers were starting to look old.

Till next time,

Helen Lawrence


8 thoughts on “Reflection and moving forward

  1. sueob

    Helen you are such an inspiration to me, thanks for all of your orchid notes. I too found some duck orchids, very pleased as they have multiplied in number since last year. Keep in touch Cheers Sue.

    1. Helen Post author

      Thank you for your comment. I noticed that there were more flowing this year than the last year. However two years ago had a similar number of flowers as this year. Have you seen the small duck orchid? They were nearly in flower last week.

  2. Jenny

    Hello Helen The “ducks” are lovely! The “babies” are out and flowering well now. I have recently checked that the forest slasher did not go near their home! Best wishes for those important activities hapening now…. Jenny


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