Autumn orchid flowers

The orchid season has started – well actually it started last month.  I’m a bit late sharing these pictures with you, but they were taken on the 29th of March.

One of the first orchids to flower is Corunastylis sp. Adelaide Hills.  It has such tiny flowers with the whole plant often being less than 10 cm high.  This does make it quite challenging to photograph, but they are still very delightful plants.

Corunastylis sp. Adelaide Hills

From the picture you above, there is a small fly sitting on the top flower.  This is most likely the pollinator.  On a warm day there will be plenty of these little flies buzzing around the orchids.  This species does have quite a range of colour varieties.  Below is a yellow form.

Corunastylis sp. Adelaide Hills

Another species that is flowering at the moment is Eriochilus cucullatus.  This is also a very small orchid with the flower not being much larger than a thumb nail.

Eriochilus cucullatus

As we move into winter we will start to see more of the greenhoods in flower.

8 thoughts on “Autumn orchid flowers

  1. fifteenacres

    Great photos Helen. I know how difficult it is to get the details on tiny plants. I’m having the same trouble with some of the Tiny Greenhoods that are just appearing now.

    I’ve not heard of the first orchid you mention. Not sure if they grow in Victoria, but I will see if I can find out. Are they still flowering now?


    1. Helen Post author

      Yes, you should be able to find this orchid Lisa. It is very tiny and so easily missed because it blends really well into the background. I’ve spotted in at some sites when it has finished flowering and is setting seed, which can be seen in the picture below taken in June.

      Victoria does have a few species. I would expect that you would have some on your property. They initially can look like twigs until closer inspection.


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