Guides to Identifying Orchids

The tip for identifying orchids is to look at everything.  For instance, it is the leaves that help to identify the different Eriochilus (Parson’s Bands) but it is the end of the sepals that help with identification of the Arachnorchis (Spider Orchids) and as for the Thelymitras (Sun Orchids), well you need to look at the columns.

More details later but in the meantime, here are some suggested resources for identifying orchids.

Start with the Leaves: A simple guide to common orchids and lilies of the Adelaide Hills
by Robert Lawrence

Orchids of South Australia
by Bates & Weber (Though out of print, it is available as a PDF)

South Australia’s Native Orchids
DVD-ROM by Bates & edited by Native Orchid Society of South Australia

Wild Orchids of Regional WA DVD
A DVD of orchids filmed in South West Australia, compiled and filmed by David Belfield