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Three years difference

In July 2011, I came across this amazing colony of Corysanthes dieminica (Helmet orchids.)  It was really exciting to find them, as I had not seen such a healthy colony before.  The picture below of the field of flowers is one of my favorite shots.

Corysanthes diemenica

In 2011

There were so many flowers.  It almost seemed that every plant that was up was flowering.  The total patch would be at least one metre wide, and nearly a metre and a half long.  It is sits between a path and a couple of Xanthorrhoea, under which there were a few flowers.

The whole patch

The whole patch in 2011

I find it interesting that all the flowers are facing one direction.  In this case it is towards the south.  Other smaller patches of Corysanthes diemenica have also faced mainly one direction, but not always to the south.

Another angle

Another angle again in 2011

So after finding something as good as this, I had to come back the next year.  In 2012, there weren’t nearly as many flowers or leaves up.  The picture below shows the most dense section in 2012, which is nothing compared to 2011.

Corysanthes diemenica

In 2012

This year there weren’t many flowers either.  Looking across the different pictures, it looks like there are more leaves up this year, with a couple of flowers.  However, I did notice that there were more flowers under the Xanthorrhoea, than I could remember previously.  I wonder what will happen next year.

Corysanthes diemenica

In 2013

The colouring of the helmet orchids are so beautiful.  The flowers are also partially transparent, and this makes them stunning to look at when the sunlight comes through the flower!

Corysanthese dieminica

There’s nothing like getting up nice and close

Click on any of the images to view them at a larger size.

Orchid Artwork

It is not very often that I edit my photos.  However, for fun, I messed around with this picture.  It is a picture of Corysanthes diemenicathe veined helmet orchid.

Flash not flattering – Part 1

As much as possible I avoid taking photographs with a flash.  Often the flash will distort the colour of the flowers, and the orchids look so much better without a flash.  Below are two pictures of Corysanthes diemenica, showing the difference in colour caused by the flash.  The temptation is to use a flash as these orchids tend to grow under bushes where it is dark.

The pictures on the left without a flash has the natural colours.  The picture on the right with the flash has distorted the colours, and some of the details have been lost like the couple of ‘hairs’ at the base of the flowers.

A flash can be used and work if it is not attached to the camera.  I have seen some photographers using a mirror to direct the sunlight on to the orchid, and although I have not tried it myself, I understand it can be effective.

Another observation is the pictures taken with black backgrounds look unnatural, and lack space around the flowers.  Personally I like to take my photos to show how the orchids look in their natural settings.  The only time I use the flash is when photographing orchids indoors.

I’ve had difficulty finding photos I’ve taken with a flash, so when I’m out next, I’ll take some pictures with both flash and without, so they can be compared.  They will be in Part 2.