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OrchidNotes is One Year Old!

Last year, Helen and I started OrchidNotes, more as an experiment to see what we could do with a website.  She knows more about orchids than I do, and she has more opportunities to go out in the field and see them.

This past week, we made several changes.  We have a new icon.  We have a new theme.  (Did you notice? )  And we now have a Facebook page.  We also have a Google+ page, OrchidNotesAustralia.

Our first post went public on 26 April 2012.  That being said, it was simply an ordinary welcome.  But we have a few curiosities from those early days.

We also have a couple of posts featuring Australian animals, which is always popular

Helen has a few posts on photography that are wothwhile reading

Also check out the other pages on OrchidNotes.  Here are a few I recommend:

Also have look at External Links for other websites on orchids.

This year, we welcomed new blogger, Robert Lawrence, author of Start With The Leaves, an orchid field guide.  We are hoping to have more writers soon.

Away From The Field . . .

Orchids do not just appear in the field.  Or should I say, in the wild?  Anyway, orchids can be found closer to home.

I found these old photographs I had taken at an orchid show back in 2007.  They are examples of floral arrangements done with orchids.  They were classsed as Floral Art Arrangements.

The first one is a shoulder spray while the last two are restaurant table centrepieces.  I thought they were very pretty.