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Orchid season taking off

It is the beginning of autumn, and that means the orchids will start appearing again.  True there were a few flowering over summer, but about now we begin to see the leaves of the winter flowering species and some spring flowering orchids, and occasionally we might find a few autumn flowering species.

So today, I’m going to give you a sample of some of the orchids you could find, each month, during this coming year.









November and December

January and February

and then it all starts over again.

For more pictures see here.

Swamp Orchid

Moose Orchid

So here I am doing it again, attempting to draw, and probably not doing justice to the flower.  The top of the flower is yellow, and then it reaches red towards the end of the flower.  I’ve tried to capture some of the veins in the flower as well as the overall feel of the flower.  Let me know what you think of it.

This is one of the more unusual orchids, and is known as the moose orchid.  In South Australia it is found only in swamps whereas in the eastern states it can be found outside of swamps in moist areas.  It is one of the few South Australian orchids with evergreen leaves.

Orchids in Swamps

Orchids grow in swamps.

At least, they do in South Australia and I have no doubt they do in other parts of the world.  Most orchids love water.  And there are at least three very different orchids that refuse to grow anywhere else beside swamps.

First is the Moose Orchid.

Then there is the Spiral Orchid.

The Spiral Orchid comes in a white variety as well as pink.

And there is also a little Sun Orchid.