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More than orchids

Orchid hunting is not all about finding the most interesting, rarest and amazing orchids.  It’s an opportunity to immerse myself in the bush, and relax.  There are many beautiful things to see and enjoy.  Recently I saw this Egret with its mating plumage.


The bush has many beautiful and amazing areas that are such a pleasure to see.  Below are a few pictures of the patterns created by the trees.

DSC02953Sometimes I am fast enough to capture birds, but since most of the time I have the macro lens on, that is not very possible.

Misitlo birdThere are some days when I return home to look through my pictures and find something unexpected such as a mosquito captured in frame!


Orchids are beautiful but there are so many other surprises in the bush that are waiting to be found.


A digression

Over the last week, I have been in Canberra, our nation’s capital.  It is a bit colder than Adelaide.  Also it is very easy to reach a higher altitude than the tallest mountain in Adelaide, Mount Lofty.  Mostly, I visited all the touristy things, but I had to see some orchids before I left Canberra, tomorrow.

I took a walk earlier but did not see a single orchid.  Later I found out the soil was not right. So today I set out again, in the afternoon, and the light was beginning to fade.  I did find some Pterostylis sp. leaves.  I’m not game enough to identify them beyond that.

With light making it harder to photograph, I found these, and well they kept me occupied for a while.

One of them didn’t mind me being less than a metre away.  The other barely moved.

Heading back to the car, I photographed this daisy.  Sorry, I didn’t see any more orchids.

The above picture Dad held his phone with its flash on while I took the photograph.  It was getting dark.  Maybe I’ll return to Canberra and see some more orchids then.

A final picture looking to the east.